3 Types of Websites Best Suited for Your Small Business

If you are a business owner, you need to have a strong presence on the web. The internet has become a primary medium for business owners to grow their customer base and elevate their brand. 

That said, most old businesses think they don’t need a website because they are already well-established. The truth is, that there is a huge gap in their potential sales because they are missing out on targeting more people.

There are also business owners who have a website but do not keep it up to date. This could be because they are unsure how to contact their service provider, or perhaps because they do not have enough knowledge of web designing or web hosting services.

If you are in the same boat, get in touch with Smith Sites for a free consultation about which type of website suits your business best. 

Types of Websites That Best Suit Your Business

Whether you have a small-scale or a large-scale business, you must pick the type of website, depending on your work. Here are some of the types of websites you should know about:

E-Commerce Website

An e-commerce website is one of the best ways to have an online presence and boost your sales. Especially if you have a tangible product like wine, jewelry, or clothes, you can effectively display your products with an attractive design and generate online sales.  


Here are some benefits of having an E-commerce website:

  • Effective display

  • 24/7 order influx

  • Cost-effective marketing

  • Infinite exposure

Businesses that had an online presence during the COVID-19 pandemic could run their business without having to suffer because of location restrictions. 

Landing Pages

Landing pages are web pages that are specifically designed to expose a customer to your business. You can host a standalone landing page without having a website to generate leads. They can work very well for small businesses like auto repair shops. Landing pages contain several call-to-action (CTA) banners that help the customer by offering them a solution to a problem. Example:

“Is your new car starting to give you trouble? Contact Jon’s Auto Repair Shop now to get the best auto repair services in Oregon.”


  • Exposure to locals

  • Awareness with info regarding contacts

Get A Landing Page That Speaks to YOUR Customers

Blogging Website

A blogging website is detailed and informative. With a blogging website, you have the opportunity to engage with potential buyers and understand the unmet needs of the market. In this age, blogging sites can be a great way to offer more to your customers. 

Say you have a small winery business, you can share different things about wine and why yours is the best. You can draw attention to your product and build your authority. Here are some ideas:

“Best Wine Pairing for Your Favorite Food”

“The 4 Major Indicators of Wine Quality”

“10 Unique Wines to Try Right Away!” 


  • Connect with clients and potential customer
  • Expose readers to your brand with every post
  • Builds brands recall
  • Helps understand the market
  • Informative and engaging

In Conclusion

There is a type of website for every niche of small business. You can choose to create E-Commerce sites, blogging sites, portfolio sites, landing pages, and more. Choose the type of website that will work best for your particular business. Study the pros and cons before making the decision.

Once you do, remember to focus on the design of the website. Just as your physical location needs to be prim and proper, the same goes for your website.

A well-designed website is user-friendly, eye-pleasing, and informative. If you don’t know where to start with designing or are having trouble with web hosting, consider seeking help from an experienced web designing and web hosting services provider like Smith Sites. You can stay worry-free while we deal with your web design and hosting needs.

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