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Page load in less than 3 seconds

Mobile Page Speed score 80+

Desktop page speed score 90+

Faster WordPress Website or your Money Back

Cutting-edge Optimization Service that is guaranteed to improve your websites speed

If your website does not load in less than 3 seconds or doesn’t score higher than 80+ on mobile and 90+ on desktop.

Money Back

Key Stats

Slow Websites loose customers

It is proven that, if your site doesn’t load in 3s, you are bound to lose 40% of your visitors. FOREVER!




Lost Customers

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WordPress Speed Optimization

faster websites rank better

Google’s PageSpeed score is closely related to your SEO performance, so optimizing for Google’s metrics has become increasingly important.

Bing uses very similar metrics to rank websites and determine who is displayed on top. Website speed is an important factor for Bing as well.

Website Speed’s impact on Conversion rate

Don’t risk losing Customers just because you have a slow website.
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More than just installing plugins

The Optimization Process

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Yes this service is more than just plugins, but plugins can be a big help.

Smith Sites uses specialize tools and plugins that Remove Used JavaScript and Unused CSS, and remove Render Blocking tasks.

Images and videos

Images and video can be what sets your website apart from your competitors, however they can also be the thing that is slowing your site down and giving your competitors an advantage over you.

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Database with speed optimization
Database clean up

Large unorganized databases are similar to just tossing everything into a bin and hoping you can find it fast. You only need to keep the data you need, don’t be a data hoarder.

What you will get

A website that will load in less than 3 seconds

Load Time0 Seconds
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PageSpeed Score

PageSpeed 0+ Mobile Score
PageSpeed 0+ Desktop Score

How to Get Started

Steps to Get your WordPress Website Optimized by Smith Sites.

  1. Book Free WordPress Optimization Audit (Optional)
  2. Schedule Your Optimization Service
  3. Enjoy Blazing A Fast Website

Frequently Asked Questions

There are situations where complications arise, requiring more than 48 hours to complete the WordPress speed optimization. Please expect delivery within 72 hours. If additional time is necessary, rest assured that I will promptly communicate the situation to you.

Yes, absolutely. I will always perform a complete backup of your website before I begin any work. In the rare event that something catastrophic happens, I will restore the backup to ensure your website returns to its normal state.

Yes, I can work on your website in real-time without causing any downtime. The updates I'll be making are incremental, so your website will function normally throughout the process.

No, after the optimization, your website will still maintain its original appearance and functionality before I perform the speed optimization. If there are elements that need to be removed from the page, I will consult with you and offer recommendations. Any changes to the content will only be made with your approval.

The optimization applies to the entire website, including all pages, such as product and category pages if you are using WooCommerce.

When it comes to optimizing the speed of your WordPress website, it's important to address all the concerns highlighted by Google PageSpeed Insights. These concerns may include reducing unused CSS, minimizing unused JavaScript, and eliminating render-blocking resources, among others.

Now, you might be wondering if fixing these issues will guarantee a perfect score. Well, in most cases, the answer is no, especially on a dynamic platform like WordPress.

However, I will work on minimizing the impact of these issues to ensure that your website receives a score of 80 or above on mobile and 90 or above on desktop, according to Google's standards.

So, with my WordPress speed optimization expertise, we'll tackle these concerns and improve your website's performance.

Certainly! By following my guideline, your WordPress website's speed will improve. Once I complete the task, I'll send you a concise report summarizing the results. Additionally, I'll make sure to highlight any specific areas you should pay attention to in order to maintain the improved speed.

Typically, no. But if there is one, it's a CDN service. It's not mandatory, but I'll let you know if it's necessary. CDN, which stands for Content Delivery Networks, is a network of servers spread across the world. Their main purpose is to efficiently deliver images and other static files. These files, like images, JavaScript, and CSS, often make up more than half of a webpage's size.

Unfortunately, regular hosting servers struggle with serving these types of files effectively. CDNs are designed specifically to handle the delivery of static files and ensure fast and consistent performance.

For example, while a traditional server may take 1 second to serve a 500kb file, a CDN can do it in just around 400 milliseconds. The great news is that CDNs are fairly affordable.