January 17, 2023

5 Powerful Ways to Market Your Business

Marketing and promotion are vital for the success of an online business. Without a strong marketing strategy, then nobody will know about your brand. Make sure to try out at least one of these ways to promote your business so that you can direct traffic to your site.

Market Your Business - Google Ads

Google advertising is one of the most well-known forms of paid advertising. Marketers bid on keywords and these ads show up on Google when a user searches for a particular search term. The advertiser will pay Google when a user clicks on one of the sponsored ads. This is a great way to promote your business. It also works far more quickly compared to typical SEO methods, though it requires a little more expertise to pull it off.

SEO can take over 6 months before you start seeing results.  Google ads, if done correctly, is like turning on (and off) a water faucet.  The more money you put in the more traffic you will get.  The key here is to convert enough of your traffic into paying customers to more than pay for the ads cost. 

Market Your Business - Facebook Ads

Facebook is becoming more and more like a search engine, and people are listing their products and services on this site. Facebook offers a large variety of advertising types to suit every business model. It also offers something called sponsored stories. These stories are a kind of organic marketing technique where advertisers can highlight what users are saying about the brand.

Market Your Business - Quora

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Quora is a question and answer site that is extremely popular. It is a great way to get your brand out there. All you need to do is answer questions on this site in relation to the topic at hand.

So if you have a blog about personal finance, then you could answer questions surrounding this area. Aside from people seeing your logo and brand, you can put in affiliate links or links to your blog.

I know, I know... Finally a way that does not cost money.  However, it does cost time! How much is your time worth and how long are you willing to wait for results?

Market Your Business - Collaborations

Collaborating with other businesses is still as important as ever. This is a technique that freelancers and small online business owners do not use often enough. For example, it would be much easier for 5 independent bloggers to examine ways they could collaborate together than for every person to do it all alone.

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Market Your Business - Face to Face (In Person)

I know in the post COVID world it is almost a foreign concept, to meet face to face. It is also somewhat counter to modern culture.  I mean come on... look a a school bus stop in the morning and everyone of them is near enough to talk but all watching their phones!!! Sorry I digress, that is all a topic for another website!

Meeting people face to face is also a key aspect of online success. It brings an increased level of trust and authenticity to the business relationship. You can get to know people on a personal level. While hiring freelancers is great for efficiency, you are going to need a few people to interact with on a tangible level. It can also make the whole process of achieving financial freedom far more enjoyable as you can talk with people face to face instead of messaging platforms.


Well this was just five ideas to promote your business and I am sure you have heard of at least some of these before.  However that does not mean they are not relevant, or useful. Also as technology changes some of these may fade in effectiveness and new methods we have yet to develop will be come popular.  Just a year or two ago TikTok was not a thing now it is all anyone talks about.  The point is learn and promote using method that work for you, if the market changes you must adapt.

Until next time!

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