October 27, 2022

Does your Shop Need a Website

Customers are Judging Your Business

People do business with companies they know, like, and trust

A professional and clean auto repair website conveys your commitment to quality and service.  It delivers the message you care about your business.  To a customer, if you don't care about your business how are you going to care for them and their car?

The way your website looks says a lot about your auto repair business.  Is it telling the message that you want it to?  Does your website say, I am a cheap auto repair shop, or does it say I provide value and reliability?

Make Sure You Are Sending The Right Message! Your Auto Repair Website Can Build Trust And Reliability.

Less than 7 seconds

That is how long you have to get a customers interest online. People (your customers, remember they are people too) scan websites for the IMPORTANT information. They don't read a post or page word for word.  On your site they will be looking for services you provide and specialize in.  They will want to see proof of work, they want to see good value no just cheep service. Don't believe me? Verify for yourself.

Some ways to increase Customer Trust
  • Customer Reviews & Testimonials
  • Photos & Biographies of you and your Technicians
  • Professional Licenses and Certifications

You can provide all of these to your customers with your auto repair website.  Demonstrate that you care about them and their cars. 

Mechanic and customer talking about fixing solutions

How do they find you?

Now you know some important ways to build trust, but how do customers find you first?

Google, maybe? Probably! When someone needs information or anything about... well anything they "Google it." Its hard for someone to find you in a Google search if you don't have a website!  Your Auto Repair Website will help new customers find you, Google didn't become a world power for nothing.

Map pointer location on a laptop. 3d illustration
Can they find you in the real world and online?

Your customers want car repair services near them.  Most of the time they are probably adding the term "near me" in their search.  If your website doesn't reflect your physical location they you never find your auto shop.

Knowing how you customers search for repair services is important.  This will drive a lot of what needs to be on your website. Most of the time (over 50%) people search for car repair, the rest of the time they are searching for auto repair.  You need to include all relevant search terms on your website such as "auto" "car" and "insurance".

What about Those Looking for DIY Information?

Many people (over 40% of all people searching for auto repair) searching for auto repair information are looking for do-it-yourself help.  While this may not be most it is not an insignificant amount.

Providing useful tips and even directions on your website helps you get found by everyone searching.  It also helps build trust.  

Remember Even the DIYers will likely need a shop they trust for the harder or more complex repairs.

Providing that helpful information now, will earn you future business later.  The non DIY searchers will see that you know what you are talking about and the DIYers will eventually need a shop.  This is a win-win for everyone.

Providing Helpful Information Now; Will Earn you Future Business.

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Get Specific

Everyday someone is searching for a mechanic.  If they find you or not depends on your website and its searchability.  People will search for the problem they are having on their car, your website ensures they find your shop. We just need to get them to your website with ensuring we include your specific services such as:

  • Auto Body Repair
  • check engine light
  • new breaks
  • car Air Conditional repair
  • Car wont start

Drivers stranded with our a means to get around are not in the mood for website difficulties

A poor website that does not offer what the stranded driver is looking for will only add to their frustration.

You want to be their solution, you want to be the one that gets them back on the road.

A professional auto repair website is your key to getting more customers.  With out a website you are leaving customers to wonder the world wide web until they find your competitors. You have nothing to loose by having a professionals designed and hosted website. 

So, does your shop need a website?

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